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    What Causes Heartburn?

    07. 06. 2017
    When you experience heartburn, you may be quick to blame it on that pepperoni pizza or greasy cheeseburger you had for dinner. And while it’s true that certain... [read article]

    Low-Fat Cilantro Pesto Pasta

    07. 05. 2017
    Italian food may not be so enjoyable for heartburn sufferers. That acidic tomato sauce is something you are advised to avoid. But even if you’re on a special... [read article]

    Celebrate Freedom from Heartburn this Fourth of July

    06. 30. 2017
    If Fourth of July celebrations tell us one thing, it’s that Americans love their food as much as they love their country. An estimated 64 percent of Americans will... [read article]

    Men’s Health Week: What Are the Surgical Treatment Options for GERD?

    06. 30. 2017
    Women often joke that men don’t like going to the doctor, but it’s a joke that’s rooted in a bit of truth. A 2014 survey... [read article]

    Healthy Heartburn-Friendly Foods to Enjoy all Summer Long

    06. 26. 2017
    Summer is one of those seasons where the food is just as delightful as the weather! Fresh fruits and vegetables grow in abundance during the months of June, July and... [read article]

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