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    Alcohol, Caffeine in Beverages Can Trigger Acid Reflux

    07. 10. 2013
    Beverages, not just heavy meals, could be the culprits behind your digestive discomforts.  Alcohol and coffee, specifically, are often the causes of acid reflux. How does it happen? Both... [read article]

    Help Your Heartburn and Your Colon, Too!

    07. 03. 2013
    Did you know that keeping your heartburn in check could also reduce the risk of colon cancer? Heartburn is a burning discomfort from the chest up to the throat and... [read article]

    Frequent Heartburn May Predict Cancers of the Throat, Vocal Cords

    07. 01. 2013
    What many may think as just the typical run-of-the-mill heartburn, may actually be a lot more than heartburn. “Frequent heartburn was positively associated with cancers of the throat and vocal... [read article]

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