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    Feeling the Wrong Kind of Burn

    08. 19. 2013
    You expect to feel some sort of burn when you go to the gym to work out, but not in your chest or throat. Heartburn or acid reflux, also known... [read article]

    Be A Good Student of Your Health Care Plan

    08. 12. 2013
    Back- to-school season is a busy time. Buying school supplies, shopping for new clothes, and visiting the doctor and dentist can be expensive. While it’s important to take... [read article]

    Sizzling Summer Friendly Foods

    08. 05. 2013
    School may be getting ready to start, but the summer season is still in full swing, and you can guarantee there will still be more cookouts, picnics and barbecues heading... [read article]

    Celebrate Parents’ Day by Visiting Your Doctor

    07. 29. 2013
    Yesterday was National Parents' Day, and there has never been a more perfect time to visit your doctor than this month for Parents’ Day, one of America’s... [read article]

    Alcohol, Caffeine in Beverages Can Trigger Acid Reflux

    07. 10. 2013
    Beverages, not just heavy meals, could be the culprits behind your digestive discomforts.  Alcohol and coffee, specifically, are often the causes of acid reflux. How does it happen? Both... [read article]

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