Healthy Options for a Heartburn-Free Barbecue

06. 09. 2017

Nothing quite says summer like firing up the grill for some chargrilled burgers and steaks – unless, of course, you have acid reflux. In that case, your idea of summer barbecues probably involves hovering near the vegetable tray with an emergency roll of antacids in your pocket.

Summer cookouts are notorious for foods that are spicy, greasy and acidic, which can make it hard to enjoy yourself when you’re prone to heartburn. Luckily, there are some simple tricks you can use to make your summer grilling a delicious success. Try some of these healthy options that are sure to be easy on your waistline and your digestive system.

  • Skinless chicken – Chicken is an excellent lean protein that is satisfying and full of flavor, but the skin extremely high in fat. Remove the skin and any visible fat from your chicken, and you’ll lower the overall fat content by half.
  • Grilled vegetable kabobs – If you’re not a huge fan of raw veggies, grilled kabobs are a satisfying alternative. Grilling enhances the unique flavor of vegetables and brings out their natural sweetness. Try lightly tossing your vegetables in a small amount of olive oil and topping them with freshly chopped herbs before grilling.
  • Baked potatoes – Instead of greasy chips and cheesy potato casseroles, try a baked potato with your favorite low-fat toppings. Potatoes are high in nutrients and fiber, which helps promote digestion.
  • Fruit salad – Satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing your diet by indulging in fresh fruit salad. Seasonal favorites like watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, and cantaloupe are generally well tolerated by refluxers. Just be sure to avoid highly acidic fruits like oranges and grapefruit.
  • Iced tea – Lemonade, soda and alcoholic beverages are not a great choice if you’re trying to avoid heartburn. Instead, treat yourself to a tall cold glass of decaffeinated iced tea. It’s a refreshing option that won’t aggravate reflux.

Backyard barbecues are the highlight of every summer gathering. Don’t let acid reflux cause you to miss out on the fun! Fill your plate with healthy options that will satisfy your appetite without causing unwanted symptoms. It’s a guaranteed way to fully enjoy the flavors of the season!


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