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    Go Bananas for Heartburn Relief

    04. 17. 2017

    According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, bananas are among the most widely consumed fruits in the world. And why wouldn’t they be? This yellow-peeled fruit (which is technically classified as a berry) is portable, affordable, loaded with vitamins, and has just the right amount of tropical sweetness. Whether you’re looking for a nutritious snack, a fresh topping for your morning cereal or something to satisfy your sweet tooth, bananas always fit the bill.

    Bananas have a pH of 5.6, which makes them an excellent option for most people with acid reflux. Best of all, bananas are extremely versatile when it comes to baking. Using bananas as a substitute for high-fat ingredients in your favorite recipes can considerably lower the overall fat content and make your dishes much more heartburn friendly (Source: One Green Planet). Here are just a few ways you can use bananas in your baking:

    • For chewy baked goods such as cookies or brownies, replace each egg with one ripe mashed banana
    • Use mashed banana as a substitute for oil and butter in your muffins, cakes and breads
    • Replace yogurt, sour cream or buttermilk with creamed bananas in your baked goods
    • Add bananas to your morning oatmeal during the cooking process to make it richer and creamier
    • When baking pies, blend bananas with just a touch of milk for a great low-fat alternative to cream cheese
    • Use frozen bananas instead of yogurt to make your smoothies rich and creamy
    • Freeze banana slices and throw them into the blender for an indulgent, guilt-free dessert

    Bananas truly have a world of potential, but make sure you know how your body reacts to bananas before including them in your recipes. Approximately 1 percent of refluxers find that bananas worsen their condition. Understanding which foods relieve your acid reflux and which ones worsen it will help you in your journey towards complete relief (Source: Health).


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