Celebrate Freedom from Heartburn this Fourth of July

06. 30. 2017

If Fourth of July celebrations tell us one thing, it’s that Americans love their food as much as they love their country. An estimated 64 percent of Americans will attend cookouts or picnics over Independence Day weekend. This amounts to 150 million hot dogs, 700 million pounds of chicken, 190 million pounds of beef, and 68.3 million cases of beer (Source: Fox News). Is it any wonder that we find ourselves waving the white flag towards heartburn by the end of the evening?

Heartburn sufferers may feel like they have to sacrifice their favorite foods for the sake of comfort, but nothing could be further from the truth. Making small changes to your holiday menu will allow you to partake in all the festivities without paying a price for it later. Follow these steps to keep your Independence Day celebrations heartburn-free:

  • Lighten up the menu – Low-fat ingredients are an easy and effective way to enjoy your favorite foods without the risk of heartburn. Choose a lean grade of ground beef or turkey when making burgers, opt for low-fat hot dogs, and top them off with low-fat condiments, dressings and cheeses.
  • Fire up the grill – Foods that are deep fried, pan fried or sautéed are cooked in oil and therefore higher in fat. Instead of heating up the deep fryer for your wings, chicken tenders and potato wedges, try throwing them on the grill. Grilling is a delicious way to give foods a unique flavor without adding extra calories.
  • Skip the sodas and beer – Alcohol, caffeine and carbonated beverages are common culprits for heartburn. Instead, stay hydrated with fruit-infused water, decaffeinated iced tea or non-citrus juices.
  • Choose fruit-based desserts – The dessert table is loaded with sugary, high-fat, highly-processed foods. Stick with much healthier options like fruit salad, fruit and yogurt parfaits, or fruit kebobs to keep heartburn at bay.
  • Come prepared – If you currently take medication to control your heartburn, remember to take your daily dose before heading out for a day of festivities. It’s also wise to keep a roll of antacids in your car, pocket or purse in case heartburn makes a surprise appearance.

Don’t let heartburn steal the stage during your Independence Day celebrations. Satisfy your appetite with low-fat foods that are healthy and heartburn-friendly. Making wise choices at the table will allow you to enjoy your holiday from sunup to sundown.


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