Best Ice Cream for Heartburn, Acid Reflux

04. 06. 2018

Don’t you just love a big bowl of ice cream? It tastes so good going down, but if you suffer from heartburn, it can have a bitter aftertaste.

Dairy products affect people differently. Milk can calm a restless stomach for some, but trigger acid reflux in others. If you are one of those people who has to avoid dairy, all is not lost. There’s hope! You just need to do some research to find an ice cream that won’t cause heartburn for you.

Here are some guidelines to choosing an ice cream that will soothe your throat, absorb stomach acid and coat the lining of your stomach:

1. Choose natural. Read food labels carefully and choose a brand that has as few ingredients as possible. If you cannot pronounce the ingredients, that brand of ice cream likely includes additives, preservatives and chemicals that can aggravate heartburn. Try Turkey Hill All-Natural Ice Cream, Talenti gelato or Haagen Dazs. For a dairy-free variety, try So Delicious.
2. Go mild, not wild. If in doubt, choose a mild flavor like vanilla. Steer clear of flavors like dark chocolate, peppermint, lemon, and orange. These are known to be triggers of acid reflux. Avoid ice creams that have large chunks of chocolate, fudge or candy. Whole Foods 365 brand is a great choice.
3. Go for sorbets. If your stomach is sensitive to dairy but you still want something cool and delicious to satisfy your sweet tooth, try a dairy-free dessert. Sorbets come in many varieties, so look for natural, simple ingredients and avoid citrus varieties. You might like to try flavors like raspberry and mango. Try Whole Fruit Sorbet or Ciao Bella Sorbet.
4. Make your own. Have you ever thought of buying an ice cream maker and creating your own flavors at home? Ice cream is easy to make, and it only takes a few ingredients. Making homemade ice cream allows you to experiment with different ingredients and amounts until you find the perfect blend. That way, you won’t have to worry about hidden preservatives, chemicals or emulsifiers. Try Cuisinart’s ice cream maker or the Smart Scoop by Breville.

You may have to try several flavors and varieties of ice cream, sorbet or non-dairy frozen dessert before you find the type that soothes your stomach and satisfies your craving. So if you ever needed an excuse to go on an ice cream shopping spree, just blame it on us! We’re suggesting you compare ice creams all for the sake of heartburn research.

Oh…you’re welcome.

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