Alcohol, Caffeine in Beverages Can Trigger Acid Reflux

Caffeine In Coffee Can Trigger Acid Reflux

07. 10. 2013

Beverages, not just heavy meals, could be the culprits behind your digestive discomforts.  Alcohol and coffee, specifically, are often the causes of acid reflux.

How does it happen? Both beverages have a relaxing effect on the sphincter muscle, which is the ring of muscle at the junction of the esophagus and stomach. The sphincter is supposed to stay closed unless food in passing through. However, when the muscle is relaxed, it may create an opening which allows stomach acid to sneak up. This creates the discomforting, burning feeling of acid reflux.

Of course, acid reflux isn’t the result for everyone drinking caffeinated or alcoholic beverages. Other factors can contribute to this effect, such as being overweight or having a weak sphincter muscle.

Avoiding coffee or alcohol should be considered if you think they might be leading to your acid reflux symptoms, but they aren’t triggers for everybody. Often, spicy foods and citrus can be triggers, as well as a variety of other acidic foods.

If you’re experiencing heartburn or other digestive issues, schedule an appointment with your doctor to talk about treatment options and how you can adjust your diet to relieve discomfort.

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